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Tēnā Koutou katoa - Nau Mai Haere Mai

Greetings and welcome everyone to the Māori rugby website where you will find all things Māori rugby.​​​​​​​

About Māori Rugby

Māori rugby has a unique place within the wider New Zealand rugby landscape, and the talent and passion that exists within the Māori community sees Māori players proportionally over-represented, relative to the general population, in the professional playing ranks.

NZR foster and grow Māori rugby at the community level through the existing tournament structures and with the introduction of specific development programs. 

“Me Mahi tahi tatau, kia manawa nui, kia toa.”

Work as one, in spirit and heart we are strong.​​​​​​​

Vision for Māori  Rugby

To inspire and unify whānau, hapū, iwi and communities through Māori Rugby - He Waka Eke Noa

Mission for the New Zealand Māori Rugby Board (NZMRB)

To partner with NZR and Māori to enhance the mana and mauri of Māori Rugby. 

NZMRB Purpose

To provide effective leadership and governance that ensures rugby is mana-enhancing for Māori and rugby is a place where tikanga is respected

About the NZMRB

The New Zealand Māori Rugby Board (the Board) was established as an as an incorporated society in June 2000, under its own Constitution, though the origins of the Board extend back to the 1870s.

The Board is an affiliated body of the New Zealand Rugby under the New Zealand Rugby Union Constitution and holds two votes at the New Zealand Rugby AGM. As a member of New Zealand Rugby the Board is required to abide by New Zealand Rugby’s rules. The Board is responsible for the development of Māori rugby in New Zealand, but it does not assemble national teams. New Zealand Rugby is responsible for assembling and supporting the Māori All Blacks. The role of the Board is defined by its objects at clause 3.1 of the Board’s Constitution.

The Chair of the Board is the New Zealand Rugby Māori Representative, so obtains that position as a result of the New Zealand Rugby appointment process and not by virtue of a specific appointment to the Board. The Board also includes the Chair of each of the three Māori rugby regions: Te Hiku O Te Ika (from Lake Taupo north), Te Tini a Maui (lower half of the North Island), and Te Waipounamu (South Island), three appointed members and two independent members.